HSC-HPC-MTC techniques of cutting

Jul 20th, 2015 | Category: Blog, Production Technologies

HSC, HPC and MTC techniques of cutting are the modern machining processes that are maximally adapted to the specific machining conditions and desired results.

High Speed Cutting (HSC) is the machining method which is characterized by high cutting speed and feed, with less cutting depth. For this machining is necessary to provide exceptional rigid machines, vibration-free during processing. The spindle of machine must have a high speed and concentricity. The system tool-holder must be accurate with high concentricity. Also, the workpiece should be so clamped that it provides stability and prevents vibration.

High Performance Cutting (HPC) is a machining method that achieves maximum material remove rate, ie. the maximum amount of the removed material per unit of time. Compared to conventional machining, cutting speed and feed rate are higher, but lower than with HSC method. Also, compared to the HSC, cutting depth is higher. When we speak about machine, can be said that it should have spindle with less speed and with higher power.

Multi Task Cutting (MTC) method is adapted for machines with less power as well as for driven tools. Also this method is applied on machines with higher power but with unstable machining conditions. Cutting speed is lower than with HSC. Cutting forces are lower than with HPC cutting.

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