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Recommendations for selection of cooling and lubrication fluids

Jul 28th, 2015

A cooling and lubrication fluid significantly affects on tool life. The main tasks of the cooling and lubrication fluid are: cooling, lubrication, removing chips, corrosion protection. General recommendations for the selection of the cooling and lubrication fluid in relation to the cutting speed and the chips section are: Small cutting speed and small chips section:
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HSC-HPC-MTC techniques of cutting

Jul 20th, 2015

HSC, HPC and MTC techniques of cutting are the modern machining processes that are maximally adapted to the specific machining conditions and desired results. High Speed Cutting (HSC) is the machining method which is characterized by high cutting speed and feed, with less cutting depth. For this machining is necessary to provide exceptional rigid machines,
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High-feed milling video

Jul 16th, 2015

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